About Paramjot

Paramjot Singh Khalsa was born in Thailand and has been practicing meditation since he was in the high school.
Paramjot’s early interest in vipasana meditation led him to yoga. Even as a kid, he has been spending a lot of his time learning the art of meditation from a variety of background like Buddhist, Sikh, and Zen.
As an adult, Paramjot got an opportunity to meet up with his yoga teacher and decided to take this path in order to get connected to his inner self. When Paramjot began practicing yoga, he was working for his father's company as a Marketing Executive traveling around the globe for the business but yet he felt that something was missing in his life.
He realized that Kundalini yoga is the missing piece that has been lacking in his life. Over time, yoga helped Paramjot to find inner peace and discover the deep relationship between body, mind and soul.
Paramjot was so enriched by yoga, that he felt honored to share this teachings to others . He completed his first yoga teacher training course in 2008 from Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) USA and also a certified Radiant Child Yoga teacher.
Since 2008, Paramjot has enjoyed teaching yoga in Thailand, Malaysia and Japan, organizing classes and workshops, adapting to the needs of students. He understands the pulls and pressures of modern urban life and shares with his students ways to get around everyday stress with yoga.
Paramjot teaches Kundalini Yoga, Bhangra Dance and organizing a retreat and workshops.